Caravan Class

Well done to the children in Caravan class for trying really hard to implement all the Makaton we have learnt so far. A special shout out goes to Ethan Jones, Muhammed Gaziev and Paige Robinson who have all been awarded 5 house points each for their superstar efforts!


Den Class

Well done to Den Class for using Makaton this week. They have been saying good morning and good afternoon to one another each day and a special mention to Jayden Chan for trying his absolute hardest! Jayden has been awarded 5 house points for his exceptional efforts.


Well done Den Class.

Tepee Class

Well done to all the children in Tepee Class for having a big push on using Makaton this week. Mrs Nicholls would like a special shout out to Harry James, Skye McDermott and T’Leeyah Bufton for being especially fantastic! These children have been awarded 5 house points for their exceptional efforts.

Well Done!

Using our manners!

This week we have been practising using our manners, we have been making sure we are always saying please and thank you. Manners are very important!

Everyday at snack time, Burrow and Cobweb classes sing their please and thank you song and then we go around the circle asking who would like fruit and we use the Makaton signs for ‘yes please’ and ‘no thank you’ to respond.

It isn’t important that as you speak and sign at the same time when using Makaton.

I challenge you to use your manners at home using the Makaton signs!

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Welcome to FDPA News!

This week we have been learning some Makaton signs and symbols and we are beginning with some of the basics such as good morning and good afternoon. Makaton is a fantastic way to communicate using signs and symbols and is accessible to all. It is important to sign at the same time that you say the word.

We will be learning new signs and symbols each week to help us communicate.

Keep posted for more FDPA updates!


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